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If you’re looking for kick ass art that raises money and awareness for social and environmental causes, you’re in the right fucking place.

creative pinellas

Steph was named a 2020 Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Grantee

and the in-person physical show is finally happening!

30 minutes

30 minutes is a 432 square foot art installation consisting of 2700 leaf shapes made from collected chipboard waste.

These 2700 leaves represent the 2700 acres of rainforest lost to deforestation every 30 minutes.

30 minutes can be experienced at the gallery at creative pinellas.

Exhibit runs from August 19th through October 11th, Wednesday through Sunday 12pm to 5pm.

Click here for directions and gallery safety information.

take action! let's save acres of rainforest together.

You can become a physical part of this installation as well as a permanent part of the effort to save rainforests!

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