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Vending Machine Abortion Access Pins


1.5″ pinback buttons

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welcome to the dissent dahlias (online) vending machine!

A bit of background info: Steph purchased a vending machine and filled it with custom, hand-pressed pins to provide an interactive fundraising component in her Dissent Dahlias installation, currently on display at Creative Pinellas. Unfortunately, just prior to the show opening, the vending machine was disallowed, along with other elements of her abortion access installation. 

From Steph: “I sure as hell didn’t spend all of this time and money designing these fucking amazing pins to have them sit in a vending machine in my living room. They were made to raise money and awareness. And that’s what they’re gonna do. “

For every $5.00 pin purchase, Steph will send you a video of her placing a token in the machine, cranking the handle, and then popping open the plastic bubble to reveal your pin! She will then package and ship your pin(s) directly to you. Steph will cover shipping in the US.

Will you get your favorite pin design?
Will it be teal green? Or that cool color that’s kind of purple-y?
Will abortion rights be restored in all states?
Will pregnant people be able to access critical healthcare services if they need an abortion?

Proceeds from your five dollar pin purchase will be donated to the National Abortion Federation. Or, Steph is happy to donate to the abortion fund of your choice.