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Dissent Dahlia, Ultimate Magical 24×36 Coloring Poster And Marker Gift Set


Giant 24×36 Coloring Poster

Set of 65 Sharpie Fine Point Markers

Free shipping in the US


Dissent Dahlia Coloring Poster Gift Set

Welcome to Steph’s ultimate magical ginormous coloring poster experience! Perfect for holiday gatherings – everyone has room to color at the same time. Gift yourself and/or some more lucky humans hours of coloring fun!

The Dissent Dahlia Coloring Poster Gift Set includes one 24×36 poster and an amazing set of 65 Sharpie markers. 
*Did you see that picture of the Sharpies!? Artist droooool…*
Be sure to protect your work surface underneath the poster while you’re coloring as the ink will bleed through the poster paper.

The 24×36 poster was created with the dahlia drawing used in Steph’s original painting Safe Abortion For All.

Your dahlia poster looks great when hung horizontally or vertically! The poster will fit in a standard 24×36 poster frame. A frame is not included.

Your 24×36 coloring poster ships free in the US typically in 2 to 4 business days.

supporting access to abortion

Each time a Dissent Dahlia coloring poster gift set sells, Steph donates 10% to Planned Parenthood.

Looking for more ways to help? Check out this guide from USOW.

about the Dissent Dahlias series

Dissent Dahlias is an installation featuring nine framed works inspired by the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in June of 2022. Nine were created to represent the nine Supreme Court justices. The text featured in the paintings is taken directly from the dissent written by Justices Kagan, Sotomayor, and Breyer in the Dobbs decision. Dahlias were chosen because they represent strength in the face of adversity. A big thank you to Farmgirl Flowers for the amazing bunch of fresh dahlias that somehow stayed alive and intact all the way from the PNW to Florida and survived multiple photo shoots.

All images © 2022 Steph Hargrove


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