Small Works Big Fun

May 27, 2020


It’s how I like to think. And work. And order any food item involving sugar. But sometimes it’s beneficial to change things up and take your brain on a field trip. I recently visited… small.

Much to my delight, Dunedin Fine Art Center is reopening on June 1st after weeks of closure due to coronavirus restrictions. One of the new exhibits making its debut is Wish You Were Here, a show featuring painted, drawn, and collaged postcards created during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Working in a 4” x 6.25” rectangle may seem like a challenge for an artist who normally spends months and even years developing artwork that takes up entire gallery spaces, but it’s actually quite enjoyable. Small works force artists to edit, edit, and then edit a little bit more. I find the process helps me to create a clear and focused message with a clean design – a skill that absolutely translates to ginormous art installations.

Mixed media collage is totally in my wheelhouse. I make my way through the art world using paint and ink to alter cereal boxes, seashells, bottle caps, fabric scraps, and many other delectable treasures (AKA stuff normal humans throw in the recycle bin). So when I saw the call for tiny postcard collages inspired by the COVID-19 quarantine, I *may* have exclaimed with joy, “OMG I get to use my STICKERRRRRSSSSSSS!”

With that, I present to you my little series of postcards inspired by a tiny virus:



Virus Bar

No Mas