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growing plans - July 24, 2023

"I find myself living away from my people and my art spaces and so much of everything I love to see and do, but I find myself living in a space that includes, well, space."

FLow is installed - February 10, 2021

"Last November, this 2,511 seashell installation was accepted into the H2O Exhibit at the Bailey-Mathews National Shell Museum in Sanibel, Florida. Due to COVID-19, the plan has changed multiple times in order to keep everyone safe during install."

2020 Impact - January 4, 2021

"Happy new year! And what I really mean is 2020 can f*ck right off. 2020 was rough. But we came together and managed to pull off some amazing things!"

Be Prepared - June 9, 2020

"While I’m ridiculously excited for FLow to make its debut, my main motivation to finish the piece is actually to clear workspace in my studio for new installations."

Small Works Big Fun - May 27, 2020

"Big. It’s how I like to think. And work. And order any food item involving sugar. But sometimes it’s beneficial to change things up and take your brain on a field trip. I recently visited… small."

Art For Reals - May 15, 2020

"While I know all of the grantees are still very much looking forward to an in person, in real life, physically present in the gallery show at some point in the future, I especially cannot wait for that day."

Opening Week - May 11, 2020

"Pinellas county has lots of openings to celebrate this week. Restaurant dining rooms (sort of), hair salons (still too chicken to try this one myself), and my favorite… BEACHES!"

Technically Keeping Up - April 29, 2020

"Artists are typically out of the box thinkers, (the nice way of saying total weirdos), and we're quite used to going it on our own, which makes us a remarkably resourceful and innovative bunch."

Mask Appeal - april 20, 2020

"Of course the mask everyone wants is the boring plain black one. Apparently you all want to look like ninjas. That’s cool. Imma be over here in my funky geometric print looking freaking amazing."

Get In LIne - April 14, 2020

"So that settles it. Gluing seashells absolutely will get done. Totally on time. But for the next week, I’m gonna make masks. I’m determined to generate funds for"

Scenic Route - April 7, 2020

"I have successfully completed my surprise side project – a photography series for the upcoming Creative Pinellas Emerging Artists virtual show."

Flatten That Curve - March 31, 2020

"My faux beach is built on canvas. My neighbors (who are all home now) must think I’m totally nuts carrying this giant canvas around outside looking for the perfect sunny spot for photographs."

Roll With It - March 27, 2020

"A crowded art opening on May 14th in the gallery? Yeah, probably not happening. Just one small issue… my installation is designed to experience physically. In person. In the gallery. What to do?"

Weird Week - March 15, 2020

"Meetings in person with my mentor are also on hold. Basically, like you, I’m spending the majority of my time at home for at least the next few weeks. My wiener dog thinks this is awesome."

The Next Part - March 10, 2020

"I’ve started a group that’s open to any awesome human being who enjoys coloring. We’ll meet at coffee shops, hang out, enjoy a beverage, and color."

Installation Plans - March 3, 2020

"I’ve decided to share with you the numbers and ridiculous planning going on behind the scenes. Get ready for a big sneak peek into my sketchbook."

art4theppl - February 22, 2020

"This week, while covered in paint and swimming in a pile of shells, I decided to add new projects to art4theppl that support people here in my local Florida community."

Shells Fight Back - February 14, 2020

"Repetitive motions are especially challenging for me, so of course I’ve chosen a project that requires over 15,000 of them. Have I mentioned I love a challenge?"

Statistics Get Real - February 7, 2020

"It’s no secret that I’m collecting 2,511 lucine shells to create an art installation at Creative Pinellas in May. But why 2,511? Yeah, um, that’s a secret."

Beach Better Have My Shells - January 31, 2020

"Some days I hit a beach and after an hour of walking I come away with around 10 shells. Other days that same beach could yield over 100 shells."

Chasing A Number - January 23, 2020

"The clock is ticking and I have to get these shells collected, cleaned, painted, glazed, stamped, glued, and hung. Um, that comes out to just over 15,000 steps between me and a completed installation."

Just Beachy - January 16, 2020

"I started with 20 potential colors, and 13 made the cut. *Side note: 13 is my favorite number, so I took this as a sign of good luck. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a total weirdo.*"

Oh Shell Yeah - January 12, 2020

"Here’s what I do know about the installation so far. It will be made with 2,511 seashells collected from our local beaches. The piece will illustrate a statistic involving keeping our water and beaches clean."

Off The Wall - January 2, 2020

"And now there’s a 36″x36″ canvas on my studio table that features one giant fiddler crab, complete with his hugemongous left claw."

Chipboard For The Win - December 30, 2020

"Why is chipboard my top pick? Versatility. Visually, I can paint it, draw on it, stamp on it, or cover it in paper or fabric. I even developed a technique that allows me to transfer printed text and graphics onto it."

Mandala Anyone? - December 28, 2020

"It’s no secret that I suffer from anxiety. When it comes to panic attacks, I’m a total professional. The good news is that I’ve come to discover numerous coping mechanisms, one of which is drawing mandalas."

Art From Steph - December 13, 2020

"Hi there! I’m Steph Hargrove. I create mixed media acrylic paintings and large scale art installations that illustrate statistics for social and environmental issues."